Hair Growth Tips

For Your Natural Hair Journey

Tips & Natural Remedies For Hair Growth.


Satin  Bonnet

Wear a satin bonnet or use a silk pillowcase to sleep to protect your hair from friction that can cause breakage.

They help the hair to retain moisture at night and reduce frizz.

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Image by Jacek Dylag

Apple Cider Vinegar

Give your scalp a fresh start by doing the apple cider  vinegar rinse.

Apple cider vinegar will deeply cleanse the scalp by removing excess product build-up and flakes.

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Tight Hairstyles

Tight Hairstyles

Too tight hairstyles such as ponytails can cause hair loss if they are not installed properly.

The results can be permanent hair loss known as traction alopecia.

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Onion Juice Method

Apply onion juice to your scalp an leave it on for 15-20 minutes. Then wash it out with shampoo. 

Onion juice promotes hair growth by increasing  blood flow to the cuticles. It is also used to treat alopecia.

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Vitamin Tablets

Take a hair growth vitamin daily. This will ensure that your hair gets the nutrients it needs that may be lacking from your daily diet.

Most people notice a difference in the length and thickness of their hair within a couple of months.

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Hair Wash

Scalp Massage

Massage your scalp with natural oils, such as peppermint, castor, almond or olive oil for 10-15 minutes every night.

These oils stimulate hair growth and are commonly used to treat hair loss.

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Geranium Oil

Add a few drops of geranium oil to your shampoo or conditioner. 

Geranium oil helps to boost circulation to the scalp and hydrates the hair and scalp.

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Lemon Juice

Apply lemon juice to your scalp to increase your hair growth. Lemons are rich in vitamin c.

They encourage collagen production which leads to hair growth.

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Image by Tijana Drndarski

Coconut pre-poo

Apply coconut oil to your hair over night as a pre-poo treatment before washing.

This will prevent hair losing moisture in your hair during the shampooing process.

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Image by Nathan Dumlao

Collagen Powder

Add collagen powder to your water, coffee and smoothies.

Collagen has essential amino acids that support healthy hair growth.

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Image by Kayla Maurais

Fish Oil Supplements

Taking a fish oil supplement regularly will help to prevent hair loss and help increase the density of your hair.

They contain omega-3's with lots of nutrients and proteins that can improve the overall health of the hair.

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Image by Leighann Blackwood

LOC  Method

The LOC method is a good technique to help your hair retain moisture.

The process uses liquid oils and creams to help lock the moisture in your hair for days. Twist or plat for preferred protective styles.

Blonde Braids

Protective Styles

Put your hair in protective  styles. They give your hair a break and help you to retain more length.

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Straightening Hair

Heat Damage

In order to prevent heat-damage stop using heat styling tools on your natural hair.
If you do decide to use heat turn down the temperature and use a heat protectant first.

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Hair Washing

Water Temperature

When rinsing your hair always use cold water instead of hot water. 
Cold water helps to seal your hair cuticles which adds shine to your hair and also  prevents frizz.

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