Hydrating Shampoo Bars are eco friendly and long lasting. This will help your hair to be cleaned but not fully stripped of its natural oils as there are no chemicals used in making this product, all of our ingredients are  100% natural.

This will allow your hair to feel  more moisturised and not dry and brittle during your shampooing session. But not to worry as the soap base in this soap will ensure your scalp and hair is throughly cleaned.

With natural hydrating ingredients to help with hair growth and  assistance with maintaining a  healthy clean scalp these shampoo bars are a great assets to the natural hair community. 

After you have washed and massaged your hair and scalp  you will notice how shiny, soft and hydrated your hair will feel and look compared to your regular plastic bottle shampoo.

Shampoo bars are definitely a way forward not only for your hair but for our environment.


• wet the shampoo bar with warm water 

• rub together till the shampoo bar starts lathering        

• apply enough soap to clean your scalp 

• gently massage until your hair is clean

• rinse your hair throughly to ensure all the soap has been removed 


All ingredients used are 100% natural
honey, sweet almond, olive oil, aloe vera, vitamin e oil, shea butter, goats milk.

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